The Definitive Resource on the Eddy Brothers

What Were The Alleged "Peculiar Psychological Gifts" of The Eddy Children?

     "The Eddys represent about every phase of mediumship and seership:

  • rappings
  • the disturbance of material objects from a state of rest
  • painting in oil and water-colors under influence
  • prophecy
  • the speaking of strange tongues
  • the healing gift
  • the discernment of spirits
  • levitation, or the floating of the body in free air
  • the phenomena of instrument playing and the show of hands
  • the writing of messages on paper upborne in mid-air, by pencils held by detached hands
  • psychometry, or the reading of character and view of distant persons upon touching sealed letters
  • clairvoyance
  • clairaudience, or the hearing of spirit-voices
  • and, lastly, and most miraculous, the production of materialized phantom forms, that become visible, tangible, and often audible by all persons present."

    - excerpt from People from the Other World (1875) by Henry S. Olcott | (pages 43 & 44)