The Definitive Resource on the Eddy Brothers

The Story of the Eddy Brothers

    When people talk about "The Eddy Brothers" (of Chittenden, Vermont*) they are generally referring to William H. Eddy and Horatio G. Eddy. I prefer to refer to them as part of the "Eddy Family" as there is much more to their story than just the two of them.

    William, Horatio, and their sister Mary C. (Eddy) Huntoon became well-known during the mid-1800s as spiritual mediums who performed in exhibitions throughout the United States. Their performances were very similar to the Davenport Brothers, utilizing a "Spirit Cabinet" routine.

    Later, in the 1870s, the Eddy Family performed materialization circles (or séances) at their home in Chittenden, Vermont. This consisted of full-bodied physical manifestations of departed friends, loved ones, Native Americans, and more. They were investigated most famously, by Colonel Henry Steel Olcott in 1874. Col. Olcott wrote several accounts of his investigation in newspaper articles and in his book, People from the Other World (1875).

    * Chittenden, Vermont should not be confused with Chittenden County, Vermont. The town of Chittenden is actually in Rutland County, Vermont.