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Honto's Cave


Honto's Cave is located on private land. The homeowners are not allowing anyone on the property without permission from them directly. Please respect their request!

"The term cave is a misnomer in this instance, for the rude apartment by which the sprightly squaw's memory will be perpetuated is, like the "Cave" in Central Park, formed by the leaning of one great fragment of rock against another. It lies in dense shadow at the bottom of a ravine, so shrouded in foliage that the cheerful sunlight scarcely penetrates the spot even at high noon. A clear mountain brook running through it ceaselessly awakens its tiny echoes, and the surface of its rocky walls, is scarred in so curious a manner as to convey the impression that the furrows are the half-effaced inscriptions of some pre-historic people. A path, scarcely practicable for a wider foot than that of the chamois or the mountain goat, runs along one of the steep banks, and the wood resounds with the bubble of the streamlet." 

- excerpt from People from the Other World (1875) by Henry S. Olcott